To ensure you have a great day on the water, please bring a Louisiana Basic Fishing License with Saltwater endorsement for the year.
Be advised these yearly licenses expire on the 30th of June, 
regardless of when you buy them.

If you want a license just for the trip with me, you can purchase a Charter Passenger License (3-day) for $10.00.

This license is good for 3 days, but you must be fishing with a licensed Louisiana Fishing Charter Captain.

You can get either type of license by calling 888-765-2602. They will give you a number, which, along with a copy of your driver’s license, will serve as your license.

There is a service fee when you purchase by phone or if you purchase online.

You can also purchase these licenses at Walmart, Academy Sports, and other sporting goods stores with no service charge attached.

Call us today to begin building memories!!!